Free Web Traffic Made Simple eBook [ Instant Download ]

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Free Web Traffic Made Simple eBook [ Instant Download ]

Learn the free methods and techniques that internet marketers apply to generate massive traffic to their sites or blog pages. 

One ought to note that promoting products and services over the internet is a task that requires massive traffic drawn to a specific website with the intention of getting in touch with potential customers. Internet marketers can draw massive traffic to their websites either through paid or free methods. On most occasions, internet marketers prefer the free methods of attracting traffic to their websites because of the uncertainty that comes with the alternative methods that would ordinarily require them to make payments. 

Free methods of drawing massive traffic to a website are founded on two broad categories. The first major category encompasses strategies that make a website impressive and therefore worth visiting. The second category, on the other hand, encompasses strategies of attracting first-time visitors to a website. In the first category, there are strategies like making a website attractive and likable, using simple and clear languages while developing websites and offering products and services that potential buyers may want to identify themselves with. 

The more traffic a blog or website has the more likely the site will sell more products and services. This is because information about the services and products offered by the site will have reached many potential buyers. The trick is always to try as much as possible to promote products and services to the most number of internet users possible. 

It is important to note that there are paid and free methods of promoting websites and blogs. On most occasions, the fees required by paid methods are affordable if singled out but it becomes relatively expensive to pay for every method of website promotion one uses. Therefore, the free methods of promoting websites and blogs are used more often compare to the paid methods.

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction
  • Make Your Website Worth Visiting
  • Make Attractive Websites
  • Make Easily Navigable Websites
  • Clear Language And Legible Fonts While Developing Websites
  • Offer Something Worthwhile That People Might Actually Want
  • Techniques Used To Attract First Time Visitors
  • Optimize Your Website On Google
  • Webpage Optimization On Bing And Yahoo
  • Use Of The Find And Pull Tactic
  • Use Of Viral Content Buzz
  • Write And Submit Ezine Articles On One Or All
  • Add Website To Chrome Web Store
  • Come Up With A Mobile Phone Version Of The Website
  • Android App For The Website & Publish It On Google Play
  • Android App For The Website And Publish It On Amazon Store
  • Engage Actively In Social Media
  • Guest Posting On High Traffic Websites
  • Always Keep Content Of A Website Relevant And Fresh
  • Case Study For Other Websites In The Same Niche As Yours
  • Use Of The Slip Stream Drafting Technique
  • Embed Relevant Links On Email Signatures
  • And Much More!